catch-up at 4:45 am

On Friday I went and talked to the head of the program and discussed some of my concerns with her. Afterward I sent her an itemized write-up of some highlighted experiences I had had in class. I still don’t know whether that was the right course of action or not. I do know I tried hard to do my best to walk that line between turning the other cheek (which, after trying all semester, I ultimately failed  to do) and standing up for what I thought was right, in the hope that somehow that would change the environment for future students who might find themselves on these two chefs’ bad list.

I am a little scared to go to class next week and face the chefs, but I have to go. I guess life is just full of opportunities to do hard things. I didn’t blog Friday because I was so tired after my shift at the restaurant that I came home and went straight to bed. The only drama that happened on that shift occurred when the owner found me salting the pesto without a measuring spoon. I don’t know what came over me! Normally I ask so many questions that I am annoying, but when I couldn’t find the spoons I thought, “Oh well. They don’t have any.” –and I went on to try to eyeball the measurements. Oops!

And then today we leased a new car! Our old one was seriously breaking down. The brake light was perpetually on and we couldn’t drive it without it making the sound of fingernails-on-the -chalkboard continuously. It was a huge blessing to have the old car up until now, but it felt so nice to drive off with a working van. It’s the exact same color and model as our last van (Toyota Sienna) only fourteen years newer.

We came this close  to getting a Ford Explorer, and finally the Toyota sales person’s pitch about how Toyotas retain their value swayed us. We don’t want to have to pay a ton of money in two years just to keep our lease payments the same.

I didn’t take pictures of the new van because by the end it was 7 pm and we were famished and exhausted. We ate and came straight home so I could finish my portfolio for class.

I did get one picture of Abe and Mary in front of the Ford dealership.
I did get one picture of Abe and Mary in front of the Ford dealership.

By the time that was done, it was 11 pm and I took a “nap.” It’s 4:45 am now, and so I figure I have had a long enough nap!

Here’s a video of the dance party Abe and the girls had Saturday morning before we car shopped: