dinner with the Vandagriffs

I got a picture of the girls waiting for their ballet lesson today:

IMG_1248I also called Jessi today because I have been thinking a lot about music teachers for Lydia, and I wanted to get Jessi’s thoughts and music philosophy. It was so helpful to hear her articulate her beliefs and plans for her children. I felt blessed to have such a resource in a friend. She, Henry and Morgan stayed for dinner. We ate outside and enjoyed the perfect weather.


Afterward, Abe, the girls and I all visited Nick, our friend who just moved here from Chicago. That was a fun visit. Then we did one other errand before heading home. Mom, you’ll be happy to know Lydia was so polite and so good today that she earned one of her good stickers! She didn’t even need to redeem herself at any point today. She was good the whole day through. I am so proud of her.