Work Overload

My team leader mentioned the other day that the beginning of a new sales quarter is one of the busiest times of a quarter. That is because so many things wait when it is end of quarter and we are all focusing on selling.  When the quarter is finally over, all the initiatives, action items, meetings etc that were on hold finally roll out and bury all the sales reps that hoped for a break after the final stretch!

But, after a late night of work, I’m all caught up and happy to update everyone on the day a little.

Lily was not at full strength today, but she felt waaaaay better than yesterday.  She’s dealing with some frustration because she has such lofty designs for each day, but this pregnancy has really taken her energy in a major way.  I remember reading the chapter for dads in, What to Expect When You are Expecting and learning how exhausting it is to be pregnant. All of Lily’s best energy is going towards building a new creature that will soon bless our home.  Add on top of that the food poisoning, and she’s had a bit of a tough go recently.  She did make some amazing soup today and spent some great time with the kids.   I’m not sure what is in the soup (squash and spinach?), but it tastes amazing and it has fortified me through my late night of work. She even helped clean the house even though she was sooo tired.

When I got home from work, I finally finished patching the tube on our stroller and I took the girls for a spin.  Below are some pics!

IMG_0249 IMG_0253