Meera is born!

This is my favorite picture of Meera so far! Swathi is so gorgeous and Soren is so clearly lit up about his new little sister!

So sweet. Meera cried a polite little bit upon emerging into the world, and then she slept sweetly for most of the rest of the day. What an auspicious start to life!

Ammon spent Friday night puking repeatedly in between Clarissa’s frequent wakings, and that was very convenient because Swathi was being induced at the time. Abe and I got to check our phones almost hourly through the night to see if she was dilating.

At 4am Abe and I decided to just stay up and do¬†Insanity, but after about five minutes I collapsed on the floor and then crawled back to bed. Abe powered through the whole hour-long work-out before likewise coming back to bed. At that point we lost track of Swathi’s progress, which is crazy because I think right as we fell asleep her water was broken, and two hours later little Meera was born!!

We are so, so excited for Clark, Swathi, and Soren–not to mention ourselves! I marveled at how beautifully our families have paralleled in growth. Soren and Ammon are nine months apart (I found out I was pregnant with Ammon the day Swathi gave birth to Soren), and Clarissa and Meera are even closer–a mere five months apart!!! Our children are so lucky to have wonderful cousins their own age. It’s a beautiful thing, and Meera is such a special addition to the family.

In the morning Lydia painted Mary’s face. They ran around with these smeary faces all day long.