End of quarter

On Saturday we drove to Salt Lake and stopped at Orson Gygi for baking supplies, and then we went to Trader Joe’s for some other stuff. I can not wait until we get a Trader Joe’s in Orem next year.

In the evening I baked and burnt a bunch of cookies for Relief Society, and then I hosted book club. Two of the three people who came were practically deathly ill, and so we had a short visit. I do love the people in the book club and enjoyed the time, short as it was.

Abe was extremely stressed about his quota and went to bed early. It’s the end of the quarter and his next promotion is riding on this quarter’s quota, so he is practically crushed from stress. Even in his stressed state, he is incredibly kind and helpful, and I feel so grateful for him. I am not either of those things when I am stressed, and so I learn a lot from Abe. He is just amazing.

Clarissa was crying so Abe gave her a long, comforting bath. I thought it was hilarious because he had candles burning in the room and everything. It was so cute.