Strep for everyone!

On Monday morning I hauled Ammon to the doctor because I suspected he had strep. Yup. He has strep.

While I was at the doctor, I casually asked the doctor about a sore on Lydia’s nose. Our pediatrician, who is a fatalist (and I love him for that), immediately snapped to attention and said that she probably had impetigo because there’s strep in the house.

I didn’t bother picking up Ammon’s prescription right away because I had a sinking feeling I would have more prescriptions to pick up before the day was done. After school we cancelled ballet and Mary’s piano lesson and all went back to the doctor instead. I had the other three kids tested for strep, and, drumroll please…everyone except Clarissa has strep!

She can get it too if someone kisses her on the mouth. The girls are constantly all over her and in her face (so am I–she is so cute, though!), so my hope that she holds out much longer is very slim.

After we all got properly diagnosed, we picked up prescriptions and headed home to eat Thai take-out. I have strep and that is my excuse for not wanting to cook. We then had an amoxycillan party alongside our dinners. Antibiotics for everyone!!!

I can’t wait until we’re all healthy again.

In other news, Abe is blowing his quota out of the water this quarter. I don’t know how he manages to be so highly functional while the rest of us are dropping like flies.¬†Go, Abe, go!

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