On Friday after school Abe came home and we packed everyone in the car, picked up our friend, Nick, and headed to Salt Lake for the Christkindlmarkt. It took us two and a half hours to get there because it seemed everyone was headed to Salt Lake.

The ride was a little hard on Clarissa, but Nick kindly kept putting in her binky and playing with the kids in between. Ammon would say, “TOOT!” and Nick would playfully bellow, “No toot, Ammon, no toot!” to which the kids would all break out into gleeful giggles. This happened over and over and over.

When we got to the Christkindlemarkt, we had just enough time to eat dinner from one of the food trucks before turning around and heading home. Nick had to work at 10pm, and we feared that we would make him late to his job. We made it with three minutes to spare!

The Christkindlemarkt was quite magical, but with four hungry, tired kids, I honestly couldn’t appreciate it. Maybe next year we’ll have a better experience. It was nice spending time with Nick, though.

This is the only picture we managed to take at the Christkindlmarkt.