Knitting, Dr’s visit and Denny’s

On Friday I finished knitting Mary’s pair of fingerless gloves. When I re-learned how to knit, my goal was simply to follow some sort of pattern and make something useful. I spent hours practicing knitting and purling before I felt confident enough to start a pattern, and it felt so good to finish the girls’ gloves. It also helps that they love them! Mary wore hers the entire day, even though it was over eighty degrees outside.

The girls with their fingerless gloves. Each pair has its own unique set of mistakes–but the girls don’t care. One of Mary’s gloves is actually upside down, but Mary LOVES mismatching clothes (especially socks and shoes), so mismatching, upside-down gloves were right up her alley.

I had my OBGYN appointment in the afternoon. My mom drove me, but the doctor had emergencies and was over an hour late, so my mom had to run back, pick up Sophie and the kids from Qualtrics (where they were playing in the kid room), and drop Sophie home for a family event. Abe picked me up and drove me home. In the interim, I about died in the doctor’s office. I was half naked in an unventilated, un-airconditioned room, sitting on the uncomfortable examining bed for an hour. It was so horrible. But the doctor was really nice and assured me over and over that no matter what, they are for sure inducing me this coming Friday. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

In the evening, Abe took the kids to Denny’s for dinner. Our friend, Nick, is a cook there and wanted to see Abe. Normally I try to have something at least planned for dinner, but after the doctor’s office I basically sat on my chair for the rest of the afternoon and ignored responsibility. Guess it worked out because they all had a great time.

With Nick. Nick has lost EIGHTY pounds since we last saw him, just by going to the gym every day! I was so inspired by Abe’s report and the picture.
Ammon ate a lot of dinner because he skipped lunch.
The waitress complimented Abe on what a good dad he is because he ordered the kids milkshakes. Abe thought that was funny because the only reason he ordered them was because he was exhausted, had just finished a stressful week, and was giving in to a family binge for relief.