Clarissa’s photo shoot

Today we had Clarissa’s newborn pictures taken. I feel eternal regret that we did not have this done for Mary, especially since I was bad about blogging almost the entire first year she was born. I have almost no pictures for her entire first year of life, and she was THE most adorable baby.

Anyway, I feel confident Lindsay Salazar did a great job. We met Lindsay in our Chicago ward, and I have seen her work on Facebook. She was in Seattle for a while, but since she moved to Utah I realized that we could have her take our pictures. That was exciting because she is so talented.

In the morning before Lindsay came, my mom held Clarissa so I could get ready.

Lydia had a harp rehearsal and Clarissa had to get her biliruben checked again, so we had the house to ourselves. We used the time to get ready for Lindsay.We did not know where she would shoot, so we cleaned everything. I have been bleeding heavily ever since, but the house is clean, so it feels worth it.

After the pictures with siblings and Abe, Abe took Mary and Ammon to get the car registered. While it was getting registered, they went to the pet store and then went to Zupas for lunch. Mary and Ammon are buddies these days.

The girls played outside with friends for the entire day (aside from the photo shoot), and so the house stayed clean! Sadly, the girls’ behavior deteriorates markedly after spending time running the neighborhood, so Mary had a MASSIVE meltdown before bed–the biggest of her life, and believe me, that is saying something. She is an expert tantrumer, but this night took the cake.Abe was absolutely incredible and so calm as he managed her. I learn a lot from the way he handles the kids.

Afterward, Abe and I tried to talk about how to handle Mary. We ended up feeling worn out and confused, so we just ended up watching three episodes of The Office instead. It helped us feel positive about life again.