Getting back into the swing of things

On Wednesday we all had pretty good days. Mary made it to bed without a single tantrum! We were on the edge quite a few times, but we survived without a full-scale Mary Meltdown. Whew!

I have started driving a little more. My mom is still helping with the drop-offs and pick-ups, but since both girls are in different schools, there are plenty of opportunities for both of us to drive A LOT. It’s a new stage of life, this two-kids-in-school thing. Hopefully by next week I will be able to do their full schedule.

I am going to be listening to a whole lot more of my favorite (only) radio stations: KBYU, KLOVE, and NPR. We spend a ton of time in the car waiting, waiting, waiting in the drop-off and pick-up lines at the girls’ schools. When I am not talking with my children, I can use that time listening to Christian singers sing the praise of Jesus, getting news updates, enjoying classical music, and listening to BYU devotionals. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too painful.

Abe continues to have crazy and good days at work. I was sitting at the piano with Mary when I watched him come home. He looked soooo tired, and I felt so sorry for him. I wish he had more time to himself. We finished the day by watching a little of The Office before going to bed at 9:30pm. We are in desperate need of humor by the end of the day, especially with Mary in the tender stage that she happens to be in.

My mom went to an institute class and had  a great time. She is going to try to go with friends next time so she doesn’t have to be alone after dark. Ever since she was assaulted a couple months ago, we get nervous when she is out alone after dark.

For dinner the Dallas manager sent us dinner. He has ordered dinner for us for FIVE nights. We are so sincerely grateful, even if we don’t have any plans to move to Dallas. (Although if we do, we feel fairly sure Abe would continue his I-have-the-most-amazing-boss streak!!)

My sweet little Clarissa. We all love her.

This is my angel baby. She is SUCH a mellow baby and almost never cries. (Although when she does, she has amazing lung capacity. She is my loudest newborn FOR SURE.) Yesterday the AC went out again so I undressed her during her nap and threw a light blanket over her. Then I realized she looked so pretty that I should take a picture.
Ammon has been SO charming since Clarissa’s birth. This is him dancing to the music from Clarissa’s bassinet. It is the most annoying music, but he loves it.
Ammon is giving up his nap, but he has no problem with a couple hours (sometimes more…eep!) of quiet time in his room. He just contents himself with destroying everything. That means by the time we have to pick up the girls from school, he is one tired little boy! (And he always needs a new outfit because he’s a pathological pooper. It doesn’t matter if I go in and change him halfway through quiet time; by the end, he is always poopy again, and he ALWAYS leaks through. Eeeewwww.)