Trip clean-up

We returned home on Tuesday. The biggest stop en route was in Rexburg. That’s where Clarissa woke up, so we pulled off and tried to stop by the Teton Flood Museum. Elder Eyring mentions the Teton Flood in some of his General Conference talks, and we thought going to the museum would be great. It turns out the museum is closed Tues-Thurs, and it’s only open for a total of 12 hours a week.

Oh, well. It was right by a big lawn, and Abe and the kids had a fantastic time running around while I changed and nursed Clarissa. After we went around the corner to Great Harvest. They sold me a sandwich with rotten avocado. It was disgusting, but by the time we discovered it we were on the highway. I called to let them know the situation so that they didn’t accidentally poison their other patrons.

When we got home, Abe worked like crazy to clean the car. He was so sweet. He knew I didn’t really want to go on the trip, and he made sure that everything wasn’t ruined by the trip. After his work, the laundry was done, the car was clean and vacuumed, and you barely knew we had left on a trip. I would have helped more had Clarissa not been so needy. She was tired of being in her carseat and wanted to be held a lot.

Abe also had the most fun with the girls he has ever had. They played “cat and bird,” where Abe was the cat, Mary was the baby bird, and Lydia was the mama bird. Lydia’s job was to drop basketballs on Abe whenever Abe tried to snatch Mary, her baby bird. Abe was so relaxed from the trip that he was able to really pretend he was a cat, and he has never had so much fun playing with the kids–and he plays with them a lot, so I think that is saying something.