Escape to the grocery store

On Wednesday I was too tired to do Lydia’s harp in the morning, so we spent an hour and a half after school tackling that. I felt really patient though! I think that Mammoth Hot Springs hike was very instructive. I have a reference point for My Best Self, and it helps to be able to access that when Lydia is throwing tantrums at the harp.

After her tantrum, I needed to get away though. So while Lydia did homework, I took the other kids to the store for stuff to complement the soup I made for dinner. I didn’t really need to get other stuff, but I really did need to get away. Abe met me at the store and watched the kids in the car while I went inside and bought who-even-knows what. After that time in the store, it was way past dinner time, but I was feeling happy again.

Sadly, I totally forgot that on Wednesdays my mom has an eating deadline because she goes to Institute. By the time dinner was ready, she had to leave. But the rest of us ate a TON of food because we were starved, and after that we hustled the kids to bed. I went to bed early while Abe stayed up and worked into the wee hours to catch up after our trip.