Play date with Jessi

I have been going to bed as soon as I can for a week–and have neglected this blog in the process. Not only that, but I feel overwhelmed at the prospect of back-blogging. I have so many pictures, and it always feels like a chore to upload them.

BUT! My phone has died, and Abe is away on a work trip with my charger, so that relieves the pressure for the pictures. I can’t upload anything without my phone, so why stress out about it? And so I am just going to blog as much as I can before the kids wake up and upload all of the pictures later.

On Wednesday the highlight of our day was that Jessi, Henry, and Vika came over for a play date. I love Jessi, and it was so nice to have a mom to talk to on a play date. Since we now have sixteen kids on our cul-de-sac (nineteen counting the house perpendicular to the cul-de-sac), I have not made much effort in the play date department, and my mom-on-mom time has dropped. It was great to visit with Jessi, and it was also so cute to see Henry and Mary playing together.

Lydia is on a reading and coloring streak, so she spent the time coloring and reading.

Mary had a piano recital in the evening, and the teacher’s notes indicate it went well. We have certainly put a lot of work into her piano, and her practice time has skyrocketed since Ammon learned to watch TV. I was very proud of her.

Other than that, I spent most of the day cleaning and baking pumpkin bread. Ammon, who has largely given up naps, took a SIX HOUR NAP yesterday. I was starting to fear he had died by the time he finally woke up.

My mom had a good day. It was largely taken up by talking to my older brother on the phone and helping him sort out some things. My mom also went to her exercise class and her religion class, and I think she had a pretty good day.

On the Abe front, his meetings in Peoria went well, and we had a lot of time talking on the phone in the evening. He is the best, and I miss him so much. I can’t wait until he comes home tomorrow.