Morgan’s birthday surprise

On Friday the big event was Morgan’s surprise birthday dinner. Dan flew in from California so that all of Morgan’s Circle of Life Friends, (Dan, Abe, and Kade) could be together and surprise Morgan. Unfortunately, Abe had to work late and we missed being there in time for the surprise. Er, oh well…?

But everything after that was nice. It was my first time eating at Pizzeria 712 since working there, and I was greatly relieved to see that I knew no one there. Maybe Abe and I can do date nights there now.

After dinner, I came home and put the kids down before book club, and Abe went out with his Circle of Life friends. First they went to Comedy Sportz and had a great time laughing there. Then they went to Morgan’s office and got the grand tour. (Morgan is the CEO of Bonsai, a financial literacy company.) After the Bonsai tour they went to In-N-Out before driving Kade home to Draper. They got back around 1am and had lots of fun together. Abe went to bed very tired and very happy.