Second therapy appiontment

On Thursday I had my second therapy appointment. I called the insurance company before and realized I would be covered if I switch therapists, so Thursday was my last time with this particular therapist. I really liked her and learned a lot in our two sessions.

My mind did wander a little at points and I should have asked her the non-therapy related questions that kept coming through my head. This is what they were: “Where do you buy your jeans? And who cuts your hair?” I wanted to ask her these questions because she had a build larger than mine (although I win for how much body is currently attached to said build) and she looked great. I can never find jeans that fit my large hips and waist, but somehow she had great fitting jeans. Perhaps the reason I can’t find jeans relates to the fact that I don’t even try on jeans when I am my current size…perhaps I should work up the courage and try sometime.

And also, my hair stylist moved and the last person I tried butchered me. Normally I can live with bad haircuts, but this one was truly horrible and I am scared to go to someone else lest I end up with something even worse. Anyway, this therapist was Latina and had hair similar to mine. As I said before, she looked fantastic so I really wanted to figure out who did her hair.

I should have just asked her the questions. I mean, I was paying for her time, so why not? I don’t know why I didn’t ask, but since I didn’t, she filled the time teaching me all sorts of things about behavioral triggers and how to avoid building emotional walls that numb you to pain around the triggers. I wasn’t sure that this lesson actually applied to me and my problems, but I appreciate the information anyway.

Here’s how the board looked at the end: