Traveling home

On Sunday we took it easy before our flight home. Swathi and I worked out in the morning and I had my first experience on one of those bikes that has a screen for a virtual work-out. I forget what it’s called. It was fun.

Ammon and Soren hug goodbye!

Our flight home was kind of awful, but we had incredible angels help us on the way. Ammon was a total disaster, but sweet strangers shepherded us through the worst parts. One of our angels was a Christian English teacher who had spent four years in North Korea teaching (she was Canadian). Another was a German nanny named Agnes who helped us carry our heavy bags. I also appreciated every single smile we got from strangers. When Ammon was screaming and crying, those sympathetic smiles meant a lot. I hope I remember this when I am in a different stage of life.

When we got to Salt Lake, I felt elated. The weather was great, and Abe and I felt so amazing for having survived this really difficult leg of the journey. We were so, so happy all the way to our home.